AkademikerPension invests in a new wind farm

11 November 2022

AkademikerPension publishes: “We are proud to once again be able to present a new and large climate-friendly investment. Because in central Texas in the USA, 65 wind turbines from Vestas have started producing electricity for 275,000 households.The wind farm, Escalade, has just been inaugurated, and together with the infrastructure fund, AIP, we have invested DKK 560 million in the project. “This investment is exactly what we wanted. Climate-friendly, an expected good return and made together with good and skilled partners”, says our managing director, Jens Munch Holst. AIP’s ownership is 35 percent, of which we own 8 percent. This gives AkademikerPension a total ownership share of the wind farm of 2.8 percent. “At AkademikerPension, we have a motto that says return and responsibility must go hand in hand, and we believe that this investment lives up to that,” says Jens Munch Holst.”

Source: AkademikerPension
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