AMF’s annual general meeting has elected a board

17 April 2023

Thursday, April 13, AMF held an ordinary annual general meeting. At the general meeting, Helena Nordberg was elected as a new member of AMF’s board. Ulf Grunander left the board. Other members were re-elected, and Lars Wedenborn was re-elected chairman of the board.

After the 2023 annual general meeting, AMF’s board consists of the following people:

Lars Wedenborn, chairman of the board
Renée Andersson
Anders Canemyr
Bengt-Åke Fagerman
Therese Guovelin
Laura Hartman
Marie Rudberg
Tomas With
Helena Nordberg

In accordance with the articles of association of AMF, Anders Canemyr and Therese Guovelin were appointed by Swedish Confederation of Trade and Industry and LO respectively as members to especially monitor the policyholders and the insured interests.

Source: AMF
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