Folksam invests almost SEK 4 billion in green bonds from the World Bank

18 February 2022

Folksamgruppen has recently completed an investment of approximately SEK 3.8 billion in a green bond from the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD) which aims to finance sustainable development around the world. Folksamgruppen is the sole investor in the bond that will, among other things, contribute to supporting projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and biodiversity.

Folksamgruppen is one of the major investors in green bonds, with the latest investment in the World Bank’s green bonds, Folksamgruppen’s total holdings amount to just over SEK 27 billion.

– I am pleased with the close cooperation we within the Folksam Group have had for a long time with the World Bank and their various initiatives for sustainable development. As a customer of Folksam, you not only get a secure return on your pension money but are also involved and contribute to a sustainable future, says Marcus Blomberg, Investment Manager at Folksamgruppen.

Source: Folksam
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