Halla Kristjánsdóttir appointed head of asset management at LSR

8 September 2022

Halla Kristjánsdóttir has been hired as LSR’s asset management division manager. Halla has extensive knowledge of LSR’s operations, but she started working in the fund’s asset management department in 2006 and has since then performed various duties within LSR. Halla takes over the position from Birni Hjaltested Gunnarsson, who retired this summer.

In recent years, Halla has held the position of fund manager of foreign investments in LSR’s asset management. Previously, she had been the fund manager of foreign enterprise funds and the fund manager of Séreignar LSR, as well as participating in strategic planning and project management within the division. Halla is also a member of the shareholders’ councils of institutional investors’ funds and for years taught case studies in the business department of HR.

Halla has a BS degree in business administration from the University of Reykjavík and an M.sc. degree in finance from Boston College, Carroll Graduate School of Management. She has completed a degree in securities trading

Source: LSR
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