New board member in AP4

2 June 2023

Fjärde AP-fonden (AP4) publishes on its website:

The government has appointed Johan Gyllenhoff as a new board member in AP4.

Johan Gyllenhoff is Head of Group Finance at Vattenfall AB. Johan has solid experience in board work and is currently chairman of Vattenfall Eldistribution AB and Försäkringsaktiebolaget Vattenfall Insurance AB. Johan also has extensive experience from the financial industry.

AP4 welcomes Johan and looks forward to constructive board work that also continues to contribute to developing our business in a positive way.

Members of the AP funds’ boards are appointed by law on the basis of their ability to promote fund management. According to practice, they are appointed for one year at a time, with a limitation of about eight years.

Source: Fjärde AP-fonden (AP4)
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