Brunel appoints two new managers to growing Sustainable Equities portfolio

23 February 2022

Brunel Pension Partnership Limited (Brunel) has appointed Jupiter and Mirova as additional co-managers on its pioneering Sustainable Equities portfolio.

The portfolio launched in 2020 with £1.2 billion in assets under management (AUM), but AUM have since grown to £2.5 billion, as more Brunel clients have transitioned funds. Brunel has therefore appointed further managers to take on a proportion of the larger AUM and to support broader risk management.

“Following the growth of the fund, we received considerable interest in the new mandates,” said David Jenkins, Portfolio Manager. “We are delighted to add these two exceptional sustainable managers to the fund.”

The portfolio, which focuses on listed equities, retains the original purpose set by our clients: to place ESG considerations at the forefront of the investment process, such that managers positively pursue companies that will provide a benefit to society.

Source: Brunel
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