Hymans Robertson appoints new Head of Corporate DB Endgame Strategy

21 July 2021

Hymans Robertson has appointed Leonard Bowman to the new role of Head of Corporate DB Endgame Strategy, recognising the increasing importance for companies with DB schemes to strategically plan their journey over the next decade as they enter the final stages of their lifecycle. Leonard, already a Partner at the leading pensions and financial services consultancy, joined the firm earlier this year as part of its acquisition of Bath Actuarial Consulting (BAC).

Leonard has vast experience advising companies on designing, implementing and managing strategies to see their DB schemes through to the end of the scheme journey. He co-founded BAC in 2012 having previously held senior corporate actuary and management roles at Willis Towers Watson for 10 years. At BAC he grew, from scratch, a corporate consulting business with clients whose DB liabilities ranged from £200m to over £20 bn in size.

Commenting on his appointment Leonard Bowman, Head of Corporate DB Endgame Strategy, says:

“It is great to be heading up the firm’s team that will be dedicated to providing advice to companies with DB schemes at this complex stage in their journey. With the majority of DB pension schemes now reaching these final stages, there is an industry wide need for clear strategic planning and expert execution. Without this, companies could find themselves heading down the wrong path and making poor choices about execution along the way, with costly consequences. I am excited about leading our highly qualified team that will be able to help companies develop this.

“We use a four-stage process to help companies develop and then implement their DB strategy. This process ensures that nothing gets missed, and that all the right solutions have been considered and developed to meet each company’s specific objectives. Just as importantly, we will work with the company to execute the strategy effectively, to ensure it remains on track and that future opportunities are taken as they emerge.

“Our expertise in advising both clients and providers on the full range of risk transfer solutions, including insurance, superfunds and capital backed solutions, means we can provide market leading insights into all of the end-game options available.”

Source: Hymans Robertson
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