Janus Henderson awarded Label ISR for two Article 9 funds

9 May 2022

Janus Henderson Investors is pleased to announce that it has obtained the French Label ISR for two of its Article 9 funds; the Janus Henderson Horizon US Sustainable Equity Fund and the Janus Henderson Horizon Sustainable Future Technology Fund. These funds join the Janus Henderson Horizon Global Sustainable Equity Fund which has been certified since 2019.

Following a rigorous assessment conducted by Ernst & Young, Janus Henderson was able to demonstrate that each fund complied with the requirements of the label. The ISR labelling process focusses on six main pillars: well-defined ESG objectives; a strategy for monitoring the objectives; clear integration into the investment process; an engagement and voting policy; enhanced transparency in communication and reporting; and the constant monitoring and tracking of ESG performance and impact. These stringent labelling and certification frameworks are essential in allowing investors to distinguish between funds genuinely implementing a robust socially responsible investment methodology, leading to measurable results.

Source: Janus Henderson
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