M&G to include carbon intensity data within mutual fund reporting

15 June 2021

M&G today announces that we will publish carbon intensity data within our monthly reporting for M&G mutual funds*.

The move will help our clients and customers in all markets to better understand the carbon exposure of their portfolio and make better informed investment decisions.

M&G has adopted the Weighted Average Carbon Intensity (WACI) metric to report funds’ carbon emissions. WACI measures the carbon intensity of businesses rather than total carbon emissions, enabling customers and clients to compare the weighted average carbon intensity of a fund with that of its benchmark.

M&G fund managers are already using emissions data to help inform their investment decisions, as part of the way we integrate ESG factors into our investment process. We are also using this data to focus our stewardship and engagement activity on companies which have the most potential to help address climate change by committing to align with the Paris Agreement. Over time this will help M&G achieve our own Paris-aligned commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions across our investment portfolios by 2050.

Source: M&G
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