NILGOSC joins the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change

17 June 2019

LGPS – Northern Ireland publishes on its website:

“NILGOSC considers it to be in the long-term interests of its members to promote climate risk mitigation and adaptation in those companies in which it invests. By working together with like-minded investors, NILGOSC seeks to create an investment environment which contributes to a low carbon economy. To further this aim NILGOSC has joined the Institutional Investors Group of Climate Change which is the European membership body for investor collaboration on Climate Change. IIGCC represents over 170 investors with £20tn in assets.

David Murphy, CEO of NILGOSC said that “although we are a small fund in global terms we can be of influence if we work with other like-minded investors across the world. NILGOSC is already a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment, the Carbon Disclosure Project, Climate Action 100+ and the Global Investor Statement on Climate Change. We have now joined the IIGCC so we can focus attention on companies, and, more importantly, governments to implement the transition to a low carbon economy”.”

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