RPMI Railpen launches internal trading desk

2 August 2021

RPMI Railpen (Railpen), the provider of investment and administrative services to the Railways Pension Scheme, has launched its internal trading desk to further enhance its in-house capabilities. Over recent years Railpen has continued its ambition to serve the Scheme with a transparent and increasingly cost-effective investment service. This work has seen the management of a number of asset classes brought in house and an associated increase in trading activity.

By the end of Q3 2021, Railpen expects to support all trading activity via the internal desk. Investment Director Rachit Sharma led the project and will continue managing Railpen’s trading arrangements with Head Trader Tom O’Kelly, who joined earlier this year, leading day-to-day execution.

Rachit said, “Internalising our trading desk delivers many benefits, ultimately for the Scheme’s members. The new desk will enable us to seize opportunities quickly, reduce complexity, and have increased control over our risks while lowering the costs associated with trading.”

Craig Heron, Head of Public Markets and project sponsor, said, “This would be an exciting and challenging project under any circumstances. The fact we have delivered it during successive lockdowns and via remote working is a testament to the strong collaboration and dedication of many of the teams across Railpen to our purpose ‘to secure our members’ future’.”

Source: RPMI Railpen
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