Schroder Investment Solutions reduces fees for multi-asset active funds

3 May 2023

Schroder Investment Solutions (SIS), the market-leading provider of model portfolios and multi-asset funds, today announces a significant fee cut for its low cost multi-asset active fund range, from 29bps to (a maximum cap of) 22bps.

The funds are also being renamed Global Multi-Asset portfolios, having previously been known as the Tactical Portfolios. This will provide clients with better clarity of their respective investment strategies.

In addition to the change of name, further clarity to describe the level of risk of each of the portfolios has been added to the name of each fund, which should deliver greater support to clients when aligning the fund to the required outcome. This range of portfolios consists of five multi-asset active funds which offer different combinations of investment risk and return.

They are as follows:

  • Schroder Tactical Portfolio 7 Schroder Global Multi-Asset Adventurous Portfolio
  • Schroder Tactical Portfolio 6 Schroder Global Multi-Asset Growth Portfolio
  • Schroder Tactical Portfolio 5 Schroder Global Multi-Asset Balanced Portfolio
  • Schroder Tactical Portfolio 4 Schroder Global Multi-Asset Moderately Cautious Portfolio
  • Schroder Tactical Portfolio 3 Schroder Global Multi-Asset Cautious Portfolio

The funds are available on more than 10 of the major advised platforms.

They are managed by the Schroders multi-asset team under the leadership of Johanna Kyrklund (Group Chief Investment Officer). This team has over 120 investment professionals globally and manage over £160 billion (as at 31st December 2022).

Source: Schroders
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