a.s.r. issues € 500 million subordinated 30NC10 Tier 2 bond

26 april 2019

a.s.r. publiceert op haar website:

“ASR Nederland N.V. (a.s.r.) today successfully launched and priced a € 500 million subordinated Tier 2 capital instrument. The bond was priced at 300 basis points over the 10 year mid-swap rate, with a fixed rate coupon of 3.375%. The bond has a scheduled maturity date at 2049 and is first callable on the date falling 3 months prior to the first reset date of 2 May 2029.

The final orders totalled more than € 5 billion, demonstrating the widespread support from investors for a.s.r. The securities were placed primarily with fund managers, insurers and specialist funds across Europe.”

Lees verder via de bron: bronbericht op website

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