Changes to DIF Capital Partners’ Executive Committee

29 maart 2023

The Supervisory Board of DIF Management B.V. is pleased to announce changes to the composition of its Executive Committee (ExCo) designed to create a more effective and focused governance body.

DIF’s ExCo is responsible for the daily operations of the firm and ultimately for the execution of the investment strategies of the funds. The ExCo leads the organisation, sets policies and oversees performance versus strategic objectives.

Given the growth of the firm over recent years, DIF has concluded that a more streamlined ExCo will optimize the efforts of DIF’s partners and ensure the ExCo’s continued effectiveness.

Therefore, as from 15 February 2023, the ExCo of DIF Capital Partners consists of five members:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Wim Blaasse
  • Deputy CEO: Gijs Voskuyl
  • Chief Investment Officer (CIO): Allard Ruijs
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Zaina Ahmed-Karim
  • Chief Risk Officer (CRO): Anne Snel-Simmons

Wim Blaasse continues to act as DIF’s CEO (Managing Partner), the chairman of the ExCo and the chairman of all of DIF’s investment committees.

Gijs Voskuyl has been appointed DIF’s Deputy CEO, a new role in the ExCo, taking over a number of responsibilities from Wim with regards to managing the broader DIF organisation. Gijs joined DIF in 2008 and has played an instrumental role in a large number of transactions over the last 15 years. Gijs will continue his lead role managing the traditional DIF funds (including DIF Infrastructure VII).

Allard Ruijs has been appointed Chief Investment Officer (CIO). This is a new role within DIF and will involve overseeing the development of all of DIF’s investment strategies, which includes deal oversight from origination and execution, through to asset management and ultimately exit. Allard will continue to oversee DIF’s investor relation activities and will continue to act as vice-chairman of the investment committees of all DIF-managed funds. He joined DIF in 2007 in the investment team. From 2012 through 2022, Allard was Head of Investor Relations & Business Development.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as well as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) roles will remain unchanged and are filled respectively by Zaina Ahmed-Karim and Anne Snel-Simmons. Zaina and Anne joined DIF in 2022 and 2018, respectively.

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets has approved the appointments and the Works Council has given its positive advice.

With the streamlining of the ExCo and the creation of the Deputy CEO and CIO roles, DIF believes it is well-positioned for the next chapter of its successful growth journey.

Source: DIF
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