DWS Invest ESG Healthy Living: DWS focuses on the growth market of health with new equity fund

21 oktober 2021

DWS has launched a new thematic equity fund, DWS Invest ESG Healthy Living. The fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in companies that drive medical progress and offer products for a healthier life. The importance and urgency of the topic is underlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 “Health and Wellbeing”.

The focus of the fund managed by Oliver Schweers is on the three core areas of prevention, early detection and modern medical treatment of diseases. “Firstly, we focus on companies that offer products and services that benefit from or promote the trend towards healthier lifestyles. Secondly, we focus on companies that help to prevent the occurrence of diseases or detect them at an early stage. And thirdly, we target companies that seek to improve the quality of treatment outcomes and thus make healthcare more efficient and less costly,” explains the fund manager. In line with his strategy, he targets the entire range of companies around the theme of “living healthier” – from medical technology providers to sporting goods manufacturers.

Source: DWS
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