Robeco launches equities strategy focusing on net-zero transition with real-world impact

20 juli 2022

Rotterdam, 18 July 2022 – Robeco has launched RobecoSAM Net Zero 2050 Climate Equities, a high conviction climate transition strategy, classified as article 9 under SFDR and investing in global equities at the forefront of the transition to a low-carbon economy. The strategy aims to invest in the pathways to a net zero world alongside delivering attractive financial returns.

The new strategy will specifically look for companies that make an active contribution to mitigating climate change, following a decarbonization pathway of around 7% annually on average. Beyond clean tech, EV and battery storage solutions, the strategy also explores a broader set of opportunities such as mining equipment suppliers, nature-based assets or transition capital providers. The strategy’s portfolio covers a mix of between 30 and 40 promising stocks from best-in-class leaders and companies with serious improvement potential to have real-world impact in transitioning to net zero, in a diversified approach encompassing all sectors. The strategy will also actively engage with those companies most affected by the transition to net zero, particularly addressing the social dimension in their climate change strategies to encourage a fair transition to net zero.

RobecoSAM Net Zero 2050 Climate Equities uses a dedicated climate transition benchmark, the MSCI World Climate Change Index, not only for assessing carbon footprint purposes, but also for performance measurement. This makes it easier to judge the strategy’s success. The new strategy will be managed by an investment team of seasoned professionals who cover global fundamental equities, climate and SDG strategy and active ownership. Chris Berkouwer and Yanxin Liu are the strategy’s portfolio managers.

Chris Berkouwer, Portfolio Manager: “I’m very excited to be managing the RobecoSAM Net Zero 2050 Climate Equities strategy together with the team and allowing our clients to invest in a wide range of profitable companies that are leading the way in transitioning to net zero and that have the potential to make real-world impact.”

Yanxin Liu, Portfolio Manager: “I am thrilled about the launch of RobecoSAM Net Zero 2050 Climate Equities and I’m particularly looking forward to exploring opportunities that are not just buzzwords.”

Source: Robeco
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