Columbia Threadneedle European Sustainable Infrastructure fund builds clean energy portolio with new renewable energy assets

10 February 2022

The Columbia Threadneedle European Sustainable Infrastructure Fund (ESIF) is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of two renewable energy assets as it builds a diversified, clean energy portfolio for the fund.

The first asset is a portfolio of mini hydropower plants in the Marche region of central Italy. Harnessing the gravitational flow of a river, the plants provide cost effective, flexible, high-efficiency, low-carbon energy production. The second acquired asset is Storrun Windkraft, an onshore wind farm located in Sweden’s Sundsvall area in the SE2 Nord Pool price area. Operational since 2010, the farm comprises 12 Nordex 2.5MW turbines.

Together, the wind farm and mini hydropower plants produce circa 70GWh of electricity every year. Benefiting from long economic lifecycles and fully matured technologies, the assets offer ESIF’s investors the potential for stable and attractive cash flows. They are climate-friendly energy sources with no air pollution or toxic byproducts, supporting the “Affordable and Clean Energy” goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are also social benefits in bringing electricity, industry and commerce to local communities.

Source: Columbia Threadneedle
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