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What is Exelerating?

Data about institutional asset owners

The Exelerating platform helps you to gain relevant insights into € 9,500 + billion of European institutional assets of pension funds, insurance companies and other asset-owners. By using our high-quality database, scrapers and easy to use analytic tools, you can carry out your own analysis to answer all sorts of questions related to the institutional market.

Exelerating answers questions like:
  • What investment mandates do my competitors have?
  • Which pension funds invest in my asset class?
  • Who are the decision makers at prospect ABC and how am I connected?
  • Who are the clients of investment adviser or fiduciary manager XYZ?
Our database

Thousands of sources are scanned daily

Exelerating has an extensive database which helps our clients to find the correct and latest information about the European institutional market. Thousands of sources are scanned every day to collect and provide data about pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, investment consultants and other service providers.



€ 11,000 bln

Scanned assets


Institutional investors


Asset allocations

Market coverage

A coverage nearly 100% in all available countries

Exelerating is based in the Netherlands but is active in various European countries. In all regions there is a minimum coverage of 80% of pension funds and insurers. This coverage is expanded periodically.



Pension funds

Est. Market covered

€ 1,455b

# Asset Owners




Pension funds

Est. Market covered

€ 813b

# Asset Owners


United Kingdom

100% > £ 1 bln

Pension funds

Est. Market covered

£ 1,558b

# Asset Owners



One tool - Endless features


Get detailed information about asset owners and managers

Profiles contains information about governance, asset allocation, related asset managers and service providers of Pension funds and Insurance companies.

Asset Classes

View the institutional market of your asset class

The asset class module shows in which asset classes institutional entities are invested. You can also find the external investment manager that manages the mandate / fund.

Network Graphs

Find the right entrance

With the interactive network graphs you can find (in)direct connections between you and any person or entity in the institutional market


Get notified of important publications

Scoop is the Exelerating search engine and allows users to search and track the activities and publications of all asset owners in the institutional asset market


News alerts based on your settings

Exelerating screens thousands of websites to find the most relevant information. Our alert service keeps you informed about the latest developments in the institutional market based on your preferences.


Check environment social governance

The ESG module provides insight into how and to what extent pension funds report on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Downloads & API

Get all raw data you need

In addition to using the platform it is also possible to have the data distributed in a different way like excel downloads or via an API connection.


Exelerating is used by


Asset Managers

Prepare your pitch with the latest data about your prospect

Look up competitors activities

Find decision makers to contact


Investment Consultants

Get a broad overview of potential

Explore and research new markets

Find the current clients of your competitors


Other Service Providers


Pension Provider

Insurance companies

To sum it up

Exelerating will help you to...

Find prospects

Find pension entities and insurance companies that invest in your asset class

Map connections

Find connections between a pension entity or insurance company and your team

Track competitors

Find the institutional clients of your competitors

Analyze manager selection

Find pension entities and insurance companies that invest in your asset class

Do research

Do research about any preferred topic with our search tool SCOOP

Grow your Institutional Business

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