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Find prospects

Find prospects investing in your
asset class

Asset allocations

See which institutional entities invest in which asset class

With the asset class module users can see which institutional entities invest in which asset class. The module displays the size, in absolute and relative terms, as well as the evolution over time of the chosen asset class. This makes analysis of trends and developments easily possible.

Competitors clients

Find clients of competitors

Research every competitor in the market to discover their client base. And determine whether their clients are investing through discretionary mandates or investment funds.


Look up the out- and underperformance per asset class

The Exelerating database contains the out- and underperformance of entities at each asset class level. This gives users the ability to look up which entities have underperformed compared to the benchmark in recent years. This information can be the starting point towards possible leads.

Map connections

Find connections between a prospect and your team


Find the decisionmakers of your prospect

The platform provides users with comprehensive governance data from institutional investors. Exelerating has drawn up profiles for all asset owners with information about the board, trustees, investment committees, consultants and service providers. The entire organization of the asset owners has been mapped out.

Connected prospects

The unique Exelerating interactive network graphs

With the Exelerating interactive network graphs users are able to find (in)direct connections to any person or entity in the market. The network graphs use our database and your team’s network to visually show how you are connected to your prospects.

Track competitors

Find the institutional clients of your competitors

Competitors clients

Know your place and that of peers in the institutional market

To find new leads and prospects, it is important to know your own place and that of peers in the institutional market. The Exelerating platform presents all asset managers who have at least one mandate within a certain market.

Users can search for any asset manager to access information about their existing institutional clients and find details about the size of these managed assets.

Mandates and Funds

Look up the type of investment

Users can determine the type of service a competitor gives a client. It is possible to look up if the service is a specific investment fund or a discretionary mandate.

Analyze manager selection

Analyze the preference of consultants for selecting asset managers

Manager selection

Analyze who gets selected by a fiduciary manager or consultant

Investment consultants and fiduciary managers play a decisive role in the institutional relations between asset manager and asset owner. Asset owners frequently base their investment decisions on the advice of such consultant/manager.

With the Exelerating platform, users can look up which asset managers are selected for each asset class by a specific consultant / fiduciary manager. This gives users insight into their preferences for specific asset classes.


Find clients of consultants and fiduciary managers

For each consultant and fiduciary manager users can look up their current clients. 

Do research

Doing research about any preferred topic with our search tool SCOOP

Research per topic

Look up what the market publishes about any topic

SCOOP is the Exelerating search engine of the institutional asset world and allows users to search and track the activities and publications of all asset owners in the database using specific search terms.

The results are sorted by source per asset owner and updated every week. SCOOP offers the option to follow the chosen terms for as long as desired. In this way trends and developments can be traced.

Publications about your company

Track what pension funds write about you

Using the SCOOP module, you are able to track your company. You will receive an alert the moment an entity publishes new information about your company. This way you are always up to date about what is published about your company.

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