LGPS Central Limited begins search for Global Sustainable Equities managers

17 June 2021

LGPS Central publishes the following on its website:”
“LGPS Central Limited is delighted to announce we are now looking for fund managers to run our upcoming c.£1bn Global Sustainable Equities Fund.

Three investment strategies will be delivered, namely ‘broad’, ‘thematic’ and ‘targeted’, and it is expected that the fund will be launched in the second half of 2021.

Although subject to slight variations as the process progresses, as a general guideline the mandate is expected to include that the fund will:
– be benchmarked against FTSE All World Index (GBP) (or equivalent)
– be expected to return performance (net of all fees) above the benchmark of; 1.5%-2.0% per annum for the broad strategy, and 2.0%-3.0% per annum for the thematic and targeted strategies
– predominantly invest in global equity or equity style instruments across markets
– be unconstrained geographically and on an industry basis
– be a high conviction portfolio but a reasonable level of diversification
– have no leverage taken at the portfolio / fund level
– may use derivatives for hedging and efficient portfolio management
– have a predominantly liquid portfolio, and
– have no specific exclusions on investments held within portfolios

Successful bidders will need to be able to demonstrate:

– a consistent, robust, repeatable investment process
– low cost, full transparency, value for money
– responsible investment integration and sustainability as part of their investment process
– a strong governance and oversight of their process and investments, and
– an actively managed portfolio”

Source: LGPS Central
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