LGPS – East Sussex Pension Fund: Change to Pensions Administration services

29 March 2021

LGPS – East Sussex Pension Fund publishes on its website:

As you may be aware, with effect from 7 April 2021 the provision of our pension administration is migrating back from Orbis to the sovereign authority East Sussex County Council.

As a result, going forwards all communication from the Fund will feature ‘East Sussex Pension Fund’ and ‘East Sussex County Council’ branding. We will also be replacing the Orbis logo on all forms with the East Sussex logo’s – this will not change the validity of any existing forms or in-progress enquiries.

Rest assured, there will be no changes to the quality or type of pensions service you receive from us. However please note that as part of the transition from Orbis to East Sussex the internal pensions admin system will need to be migrated, resulting in a blackout period between 26 March to 7 April 2021. There may be a slight delay on member related queries and calculations due to this downtime but we will work hard to reduce any backlogs so that we can remain dedicated to providing all our members and employers with the same reliable service as before.

The Member Self Service (MSS) will also undertake a blackout period in line with the dates above and a new MSS East Sussex site will be active from 7 April 2021. If members have used the old Orbis MSS site then previous log in details are still correct and can be used on the new site. We will update the new MSS website address for the new East Sussex Member Self Service on the go live date here.

As part of the migration back to the sovereign authority will mean there is a new helpdesk phone number and e-mail address. Please can you use the following contact details when communicating with the pension Fund.

Source: East Sussex Pension Fund
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