Redington offsets all historic emissions as it continues to progress climate action plan

10 December 2021

Redington has today announced that it has successfully completed the offsetting of its historic direct and indirect carbon emissions.

Following an interview process of potential providers, Redington chose to partner with specialists BeZero Carbon to deliver this project. BeZero’s experts worked with Redington to calculate the carbon footprint for the period of 2006 to 2020 as well as to design and implement a tailored carbon-neutral offsetting strategy.

The strategy comprises a portfolio of five projects, all of which are subject to stringent third-party accreditation as well as the BeZero Carbon Rating methodology (BCR). This proprietary approach assesses the efficacy and underlying risk factors of carbon projects across the world. Each project in the portfolio is a minimum of investment-grade rated and offers clear additionality – meaning that without external funding the carbon benefits would not arise.

Projects include grassland protection in the US, peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia, nitrous oxide abatement in Egypt, waste management to energy in India and forest protection in Colombia.

Additional quality controls include ensuring that credits are not double-counted or used by other organisations for reduction or regulatory requirements, as well as individually judging each project specifically for its level of permanence in emission reductions.

Projects will also be continually monitored by BeZero Carbon to ensure that any unexpected project-based emissions or leakage are compensated for. Redington has also chosen to offset 1.4x its legacy emissions footprint so as to provide an additional layer of mitigation.

While Redington’s first priority will be on minimising current and future emissions – through the utilisation of alternative energy sources as well as technology to limit travel – it has also committed to offsetting all future emissions, reviewing the carbon footprint calculation on an ongoing basis as the business continues to evolve.

This news follows Redington’s announcement in April that it would be aligning its default client advice with the goal to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Both its default client advice and its carbon offsetting are among a number of pillars forming Redington’s 7-point climate action plan to integrate sustainability across its entire business.

Source: Redington
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