RLAM’S landmark move away from £20bn passive investments to ESG and carbon tilted funds

11 April 2022

Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) today publishes its Stewardship Report, which highlights new record level stewardship voting and responsible investment activities during 2021.

In 2021, RLAM successfully moved over £20bn of assets from passive index trackers into ESG tilted strategies (1) with a lower carbon intensity, in a move towards its net zero goal to reduce its carbon emissions from its investment portfolio to 50% by 2030.

Selecting companies with the right ESG credentials is not easy – RLAM recognised the need for a bespoke solution that incorporates ESG and climate-related investment criteria by introducing the ability to ‘tilt’ the funds towards or against these factors.

Now that ESG and carbon tilted funds no longer follow a third-party index which offers no control, this innovative process strengthens RLAM’s position as a responsible investor, whilst also giving a significant competitive advantage over other passive investments that track third party low carbon indices.

Source: RLAM
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