Lukas Daalder leaves Robeco

24 april 2018

Robeco publiceert op haar website:

“Lukas Daalder has decided to leave Robeco at the end of June for an opportunity elsewhere. He will stay on until then to ensure a smooth transition of his tasks and responsibilities to his team members. A decision about his succession will be made in the coming period.

Lukas Daalder joined Robeco in December 2009 as a senior strategist and was appointed senior portfolio manager Multi-Asset in November 2011. In 2014 he was appointed CIO Investment Solutions and head of the Solutions Products team. This team manages Robeco’s fundamental multi-asset funds, such as Multi-Asset Income, Multi-Asset Growth and Robeco ONE. Lukas Daalder is also responsible for Investment Solutions’ flagship publication, Expected Returns, which won several Savvy Investor Awards.”


Lees verder via de bron: bronbericht op website

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Over Exelerating

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