PGGM: statement on tar sand investments

3 juli 2018

PGGM publiceert op haar website:

“Greenpeace is currently demanding from PFZW to disclose its divestments from companies in the tar sand sector. We understand their request but we will not honor it because it is market sensitive information and can potentially damage our position as a global investor. This would harm the interests of the PFZW beneficiaries. PFZW however does disclose all of its investments annually as per the end of the preceding calendar year.

PFZW and PGGM are happy to continue the dialogue with Greenpeace on this subject.

A threefold approach to make the PFZW portfolio more sustainable:

  • Direct impact investments in sustainable energy
  • Pressuring companies to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Divestment from companies with a relatively big carbon footprint”

Lees verder via de bron: bronbericht op website

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