Abendrot: Investing in fair gold

3 February 2023

In December 2022, the Abendrot Foundation acquired the first tranche of the BKB Physical Gold Fairtrade Max Havelaar Fund. This fund, set up by the Basler Kantonalbank, invests in gold that comes from Fairtrade-certified small gold mines, currently only from Peru. The mines receive a fair trade premium of USD 2,000 per kilogram when they sell their gold. With these additional financial resources, the social and ecological sustainability of the mines is continuously improved. This means that the topic of gold can also be invested by sustainable investors, and the chosen form means that the Fairtrade premium does not have to be written off. The Abendrot Foundation intends to invest a total of CHF 50 million over the next two years.

Source: Abendrot
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