Pensionskasse Appenzell Ausserhoden: New President of the Management Committee and Chairman of the Investment Committee elected

22 June 2023

The Administrative Commission is self-constituting and at the meeting on June 15, 2023 elected Councilor and Finance Director Hansueli Reutegger as the new President for a term of office until 2025. The Finance Director is a member of the Administrative Commission as an ex officio representative of the employers. Paul-Otto Lutz remains Vice President as employee representative. The casting vote for the year of office from June 2023 to May 2024 rests with the Vice President.

At the meeting, the administrative committee also elected the new employer representative on the investment committee. The investment committee is also self-constituting and has elected government councilor and finance director Hansueli Reutegger as the new chairman.

Source: Pensionskasse Appenzell Ausserhoden
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