Pensionskasse der C&A Gruppe: Changes to the Board of Trustees and the Investment Committee – Elections

21 June 2023

Board of Trustees

Reto Meier will leave C&A Mode AG at the end of June and step down as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Jacqueline Wyrsch was elected as an employer representative on the Board of Trustees with effect from 1 July 2023. The Board of Trustees thanks Reto Meier for his work on behalf of the pension fund and wishes him all the best for the future and looks forward to working with Jacqueline Wyrsch.

At its meeting on 19 June 2023, the Foundation Board appointed Christian Wigger as president and Daniel Dubach as vice president.

Investment Committee

Sotos Moulkiotis, Treasury Manager, COFRA Holding AG, and Manuel Lukas, Senior Analyst, Constanter Investment Office, were appointed as voting members of the pension fund’s Investment Committee. Both have extensive experience in investment and finance. They are an ideal addition to the Investment Committee.

election of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the C&A Group Pension Fund consists of six members. Half of them are representatives of the employees and half of them are representatives of the employers. The employee representatives are elected by the active members of the pension fund for a four-year term. The current term of office of the employee representatives on the Board of Trustees expires on 31 December 2023.

Please note that the election date has been set for 18 September 2023. You will receive detailed information at least 3 weeks before the election.

Source: Pensionskasse der C&A Gruppe
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