4 October 2023

KGAL Group completes its “Next Generation” project through a new management structure and reorganisation of its Real Estate, Sustainable Infrastructure and Aviation asset classes. Key personnel changes: At the turn of this year, Florian Martin, currently Managing Director Capital, and André Zücker, currently Managing Director Real Estate, will take over the company management together as co-CEOs. At the same time, KGAL is dissolving boundaries between its asset classes with “Next Generation”, thereby strengthening networking, leveraging synergies and further expanding competencies. With this realignment, which had already been initiated before the rise in interest rates, KGAL is now optimally positioned to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the market correction, and by new links between real estate and sustainable infrastructure in the interests of investors.

In implementing “Next Generation”, the KGAL Group’s Board of Directors deliberately chose proven managers who have confidently steered the company through the turbulence of recent years (Covid 19, Ukraine war, interest rate turnaround). Florian Martin and André Zücker will take over the management of the company on 1 January, 2024. Gert Waltenbauer, CEO, and Dr Klaus Wolf, CIO, will step down as planned by the end of 2023. They have both been influential leaders at KGAL for more than 30 years and have played a significant role in the group’s rise to becoming a stable, internationally successful investment and asset manager, with a managed investment volume of more than €16 billion.

The new co-CEOs will drive the implementation of the “Next Generation” project, together with the group’s other existing managing directors. “We would like to thank the Board of Directors for their great confidence in the management team and are aware of the responsibility that the new tasks entail,” said André Zücker, commenting on the change of leadership. “We all agreed that the ‘Next Generation’ project should not be about people and functions alone. Rather, from a position of strength, we wanted to set the course in such a way that KGAL, with its approximately 350 employees, can realise its full potential. The owners’ decision was based on continuity and sustainable growth.”

Florian Martin explains the objective of the reorganisation: “Our aim is to continue as a high-performance, sustainable and innovative investment manager for our clients. We want to maintain our first-class track record and provide answers to the questions of the future, such as net zero real estate and scaling of hydrogen technologies or e-fuels in aviation. I look forward to working and delivering on our goals together with André Zücker and the rest of the management team.”

Source: KGAL
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