KZVK wins dpn award for Pension Asset Management 2022

7 October 2022

At this year’s dpn Assets & Liability Convention of the specialist publisher FAZ Business Media on September 20th and 21st in Essen, KZVK received the dpn-Award 2022 in the category “Pension Asset Management 2022 in pension funds and pension schemes with a special focus on ESG criteria ” excellent. Every year since 2018, the prize has been awarded to companies that make an outstanding contribution to old-age provision in Germany with their capital investment.

The independent expert jury justified their decision in favor of the KZVK primarily with the consistent focus of the capital investment on the requirements of the insurance offered and with the convincing anchoring of ethical and sustainable principles in the capital investment.

dr Oliver Lang, Chief Financial Officer of KZVK, is proud of his team: “For a long time we have been working intensively on how we can combine a professional capital investment geared to the interests of our policyholders with the topic of ESG, i.e. the environment, social issues and good corporate governance. For our participants and policyholders, we want to get the best out of our investments and always take ethical and sustainable criteria into account. As the award also shows, we are setting standards and also providing a nice argument why it is worth taking out our voluntary Added Value insurance. My thanks and appreciation go to the colleagues in the investment department, who have earned this award with their performance and commitment.”

Source: KVZK
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