Pensionskasse Rundfunk: New election PKR member representation in June 2022

5 October 2021

The current 5-year term of office of the member representatives ends in June 2022 and new elections are pending. For the first time, the member representatives are elected online.

Electoral Committee

The election is prepared and carried out by an election committee that was previously determined by the members’ representatives. It consists of a board member, the chairman, and 2 assessors who were appointed from among the regular members.

Members of the electoral committee

  • Chairman: Frank Weidenbusch (Board member PKR)
  • Deputy: Martin Schrader (CEO PKR)
  • Assessor: Fabian Brosi, Jan Tussing
  • Deputy: Holger Anuschek, Konrad Busen

Election result

The election result or the composition of the member representatives will be announced on our website by Monday, May 16, 2022 at the latest .

Source: Pensionskasse Rundfunk
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