VPV appoints Dr. Olaf Schmitz on the board

2 April 2024

The Supervisory Board appointed Dr. Olaf Schmitz (47) appointed to the board on May 1, 2024

Dr. has been responsible since January 2023. Olaf Schmitz as general representative for the areas of actuarial and life products, capital investment management and the topic of sustainability at VPV Versicherung (VPV). Since then, he has also taken on the role of responsible actuary for VPV Lebensversicherungs-AG.

“In the last few months, Dr. Olaf Schmitz complemented the management team very well and pushed forward the topics relating to life insurance, investment management and sustainability,” says Rolf Büttner, Chairman of the VPV Supervisory Board. “In particular, he managed the challenging times in capital investment, the expansion of the life product portfolio and the increased regulatory requirements relating to sustainability in the spirit of the VPV. We wish him continued success in his new role and look forward to continued collaboration.”

Dr. After studying and completing his doctorate at Bielefeld University, Olaf Schmitz joined Allianz Lebensversicherung in Stuttgart in 2007, where he most recently headed the actuarial and underwriting department in the product development and actuarial department.

He was also the responsible actuary for Deutsche Lebensversicherung, the Allianz Pensionskasse and the Allianz Pensionsfonds as well as for the pension equalization fund.

Source: VPV Versicherungen
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