Willis Towers Watson Investments GmbH expands management

15 June 2022

More complex environment for pension investors with low interest rates, inflation, climate risks and geopolitical uncertainties increases the need for fiduciary management.

In order to meet the growing need for fiduciary management in Germany and continental Europe, Willis Towers Watson Investments GmbH (WTWI) expanded its management team on June 1, 2022 to include Janno Krieger and Matthias Paetzel.

WTWI is currently managed by Tobias Bockholt, Head of Investments Germany, and David Evans, Internal Operations. Evans, who is retiring on June 30, is now succeeded by Janno Krieger as the new Head of Internal Operations (compliance, risk, money laundering, supervision, law). As Senior Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer, Janno Krieger has been in charge of the investment business of Towers Watson Limited since 2011. Matthias Paetzel, who is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Willis Towers Watson Pensionsfonds AG , will strengthen the management in the areas of customer service and sales. His focus will be on expanding business activities in Europe (excluding Ireland and the UK), for which he is already responsible as head of the “Growth & Clients Group Continental Europe”.

“David Evans left a lasting mark on WTWI and successfully expanded the business. We thank him for that,” says Tobias Bockholt. “At the same time, I am pleased to welcome two experienced experts in the management of WTWI, Janno Krieger and Matthias Paetzel.”

Complex investment environment – growing need for fiduciary management

Bockholt continues: “The requirements for the profitable investment of pension assets have increased again. In addition to the changing interest rate environment, there is now a sharp increase in inflation, new geopolitical uncertainties and growing stakeholder requirements for sustainable capital investments. This increases the need for fiduciary management– not only in Germany, but also in other European countries. Accordingly, the WTWI is strengthening its governance through additional managing directors in order to be able to serve this need.” As an institute supervised by BaFin and the Deutsche Bundesbank, the WTWI forms the hub function for further investment business in other EU countries. In addition to the further development of the German business, the business in other EU member states should also be established as an additional growth pillar.

Source: WTW
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