Kåpan increases mandate for green bonds and takes further steps to increase sustainability

23 November 2020

Kåpan pensioner försäkringsförening publishes on its website: “We have taken further steps in our sustainability work during 2020, both at an overall level and within most of our asset classes. We continue to reduce our fossil stock holdings. We are increasing the mandate for green bonds. We reduce the sustainability risk in the global fixed income portfolio. We increase our ownership responsibility by voting at the AGMs for 70% of our directly owned shareholdings. We have also signed UNPRI’s principles for responsible investment.

We work continuously to improve our sustainability work. When it comes to our investments, we work towards two goals, partly to raise our ESG rating, and partly to reduce our carbon footprint. To meet our goals, we work with our sustainability process through normative and positive screening, impact dialogue and voting, as well as exclusions of companies or funds. We have continued to take action at the same time as we present an action plan for the coming years.”

Source: Kåpan pensioner försäkringsförening
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