2023: The year of records in AP Pension

18 March 2024

2023 offered the best result and the highest payments in AP Pension’s history

The AP Pension group delivered a profit of DKK 277 million. DKK after tax and distribution of the AP Loyalty bonus in 2023. This is the best result in the group’s 104-year history. At the same time, customer payments grew by 5.4 percent to DKK 17 billion. DKK, which is also a new record. And finally, the number of customers reached 485,000, which is another record.

Based on a very satisfactory result, AP Pension’s board of directors decided at the end of 2023 that DKK 280 million should be allocated. DKK in AP Loyalty bonus for customers.

2023 was a fantastically good year for AP Pension and our customers. We achieved a historically good result, and customers directly benefit from this via the AP Loyalty Bonus, which is our model for profit sharing. At the same time, the growth in deposits and customers shows that, despite the continued fierce competition on the corporate pension market, we are still able to both retain existing and attract new customers, says AP Pension’s CEO, Bo Normann Rasmussen.

Great returns after a solid final sprint

The financial markets ended the last months of the year with a solid spurt, which meant that the customers of AP Pension once again got some of the best returns among the commercial companies. Customers in AP Active received between 10.3 and 14.1 percent in return before tax, depending on the number of years until retirement. Customers in AP Bæredygtig had to settle for a slightly lower return of between 8.1 and 10.7 percent before tax in 2023, when green infrastructure investments in particular had a hard time.

– 2023 was another year of good returns for customers in AP Pension, and over the past five, seven and ten years, we have delivered some of the industry’s best returns. AP Bæredygtig had a difficult time in 2023 due to the challenges for green investments in general, but since the launch of AP Bæredygtig in 2019, it remains the market rate product among the commercial companies that has given the highest returns, says the CEO.

The number of customers saving up in AP Bæredygtig grew by 9,000 in 2023 to a total of 58,000 customers at the end of the year, who had saved a total of DKK 7.7 billion. up to DKK This is a growth in assets under management of 40 percent in one year.

Source: AP Pension
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