AkademikerPension co-investor in new large-scale solar energy project

25 January 2023

Together with a number of pension companies, AkademikerPension is investing 3.8 billion in a new project in California, which will deliver around 1500 GWh of green power per year. This corresponds to the consumption of 225,000 Californian households and will reduce CO2 emissions by 600,000 tonnes per year.

Specifically, the investment consists of two connected solar parks and a battery storage facility.

Behind the project is the asset manager, AIP Management, which, in addition to AkademikerPension, invests on behalf of PKA, PenSam, Lærnernes Pension and Norwegian Storebrand.

Green partnerships are the future

Our director, Jens Munch Holst, is delighted about another significant green investment and being able to team up in strong green investment partnerships.

“I feel like I’m repeating myself at the moment, but once again we’re making a big green investment. The AIP collaboration is the type of investment collaboration we aim for and which we will certainly see more of. The collaboration is throwing billions into this green transition and will benefit our members in the long run when the facility is completed. It is simply a no brainer for us”, says the director.

With the investment, the AIP circle takes over 60 percent of the facility, which is currently being built and which is scheduled to be ready for use at the end of the year.

Source: AkademikerPension
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