AkademikerPension increases real estate allocation

4 November 2022

AkademikerPension publishes: For several years, our real estate portfolio has filled a very small part of our total investment portfolio. But now a new real estate strategy must increase investment in bricks. Specifically, our property portfolio must increase from the current two billion kroner to seven billion kroner by 2026.

“It is a rather ambitious plan. It is a significant growth target that we have set ourselves, so we have to be a lot more active than we have been in the past”, says our property manager, Søren Møller-Larsson.

The goal of more properties in the portfolio is to spread our investments more widely. And with rental properties, we are guaranteed a stable income over a long period.

Not only in Copenhagen

Where the properties in the portfolio today mostly consist of offices in Copenhagen, the distribution in 2026 should be 50 percent residential, 30 percent offices and various construction projects.

Most of the investments are to be located in Copenhagen and Aarhus, but approximately 25 percent of the real estate investments are to be made in smaller, Danish cities.

“We are a small team, so first of all we don’t have the resources to look at too many markets. Next, we believe that the two largest cities here at home will continue to grow”, says Søren Møller-Larsson.

When we reach 2026, the property portfolio must make up seven to eight percent of the total portfolio, compared to 4 to 5 percent today.

Main points of the new property strategy:

Property portfolio from 2 billion DKK => 7 billion DKK in 2026; More homes in the portfolio, Distribution of investments in Kbh/Aarhus vs. the rest of the country: 75/25; Increase in the number of development projects; More and better CO2 data on the portfolio; Great interest in partnerships with investors, craftsmen and operating, partners; A desire to build an ecosystem of value-driven partners”

Source: AkademikerPension
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