AkademikerPension invests in modern electric trains in the UK

19 May 2022

AkademikerPension publishes: “For the second time in a few years, together with our partners in the Infrastructure Fund, AIP, we are investing in modern electric trains in the UK. Specifically, AIP will take over part of Cross London Trains, which has a total of 115 train sets of the Siemens Desiro City Class 700 type. The trains are 100% electric and run on the Thameslink railway, one of the busiest commuter routes to and from central London.

With the investment, the parties are guaranteed a long-term stable return at the same time as they contribute to more climate-friendly public transport in one of the world’s busiest cities.

“This is exactly the type of investment we want through AIP. We expect a stable return, and at the same time it is a responsible and climate-friendly investment. So our motto that return and responsibility must go hand in hand, completely rhymes with this one. investment “, says our investment manager, Anders Schelde.”

Source: AkademikerPension
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