AkademikerPension sells fossil bonds for DKK 2 billion

16 February 2022

AkademikerPension publishes on its website:

“In 2018, AkademikerPension began the divestment of shares in fossil companies that extract oil, coal, tar sands and gas. And as a pension fund that wants to invest even more climate-friendly, there has since been a desire both from members but also internally to also sell our oil and gas bonds.

There are the same good liability-related arguments for selling both shares and bonds, but we have so far assessed that the return-related arguments spoke against selling off oil and gas bonds, which challenged our mission that return and liability must go hand in hand. hand. New solutions and market developments have now changed that conclusion.

After a thorough analysis, we can therefore now announce that we will also sell our fossil corporate bonds during 2022. In total, these are bonds worth two billion kroner.

“It really is a decision we are proud of on the board. This is something we have wanted for a long time, which has been difficult, as we have had to take into account many factors – not least about the return to the members “, says the chairman of AkademikerPension, Janne Gleerup.”

Source: AkademikerPension
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