Alert P+: P+ contributes to a significant infrastructure fund

26 October 2020

Antin Infrastructure Partners has set up a new investment fund of as much as DKK 48 billion. P + is a co-investor.

When Antin Infrastructure Partners, one of the world’s leading infrastructure investment companies, launched its fourth investment fund, the goal was to raise DKK 41 billion. After massive interest, the fund ended up receiving commitments totaling DKK 48 billion, making the investment fund Antin’s largest to date.

P + is among the 140 investors who have chosen to contribute to the fund, and according to P +’s head of alternative investments, Anders Christian Schelde, the strong demand underlines the great potential in infrastructure and other alternative investments:

“Infrastructure is part of our portfolio of illiquid assets, which is also collectively referred to as alternative investments. Unlike traditional, listed investments such as bonds, equities and credit bonds, alternative investments often have a long time horizon and require large amounts of millions as deposits, but in return the return potential is higher relative to the risk. Alternative investments are increasingly contributing to the overall return on our investment portfolio, and we are therefore very pleased that we have joined Antin’s latest infrastructure fund. ”

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