AMF launches new fund – AMF Strategifond Global

6 July 2022

AMF publishes on its website: “Today, Tuesday 5 July, AMF strengthens its fund offering through the launch of the new fund AMF Strategifond Global. The fund is a so-called special feeder fund, which invests in other funds and has the opportunity to use a so-called leverage through loans or derivatives. The fund will invest at least 85 percent in AMF Aktiefond Global, and up to 15 percent in other funds and derivative instruments. AMF Strategifond global will be managed by AMF’s experts in allocation, and will benefit from both expertise in fund management and strategic allocation.

– I am pleased that we can broaden our fund offering with AMF Strategifond Global, which in an interesting way combines AMF’s expertise in fund management and allocation, with the opportunity to use a leverage that can increase investment space when seen as favorable. This, together with a low fee and high sustainability ambitions, makes the fund interesting, not least for the fund savers who save long-term, says Tomas Flodén, Head of Asset Management at AMF and CEO of AMF Fonder.

AMF Strategifond Global is managed by Magnus Jonasson and Thomas Nordahl, experts in allocation and portfolio construction. The fund’s development will be compared with the benchmark index MSCI ESG Leaders NR.

– AMF Strategifond Global will always invest at least 85 percent in AMF Aktiefond Global, but it is possible to vary the share to over 100 percent through leverage. In addition, we also have the opportunity to invest up to 15 percent in other funds, and in derivative instruments. We will use expertise and experience from our traditional pension management, to work actively with the allocation of total shareholding and distribution between asset classes, and combine it with the active management of shares and interest rates in our funds , says Magnus Jonasson, head of the allocation department AMF Fonder and manager of AMF Strategifond Global.

AMF Strategifond Global is managed by AMF Fonder and has an annual fee of 0.4 percent. The fund will have a relatively high level of risk, and is therefore primarily suitable for savers with a time horizon that is longer than 5 years. The proportion of shares in the fund can vary between 85 and 200 percent.”

Source: AMF
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