AP4 – together with IMAS Foundation, Industriens Pension and KLP – in new investor alliance for infrastructure investors in Europe

29 March 2021

A group of institutions including AP4, IMAS Foundation, Industriens Pension and KLP have formed an investment alliance partnership with Arjun Infrastructure Partners to invest in low-risk European infrastructure.

“AP4 takes a very long-term view in building its comprehensive core infrastructure portfolio. We are pleased to team up with like-minded institutions that share our investment philosophy meaning that returns and sustainability go hand in hand. The Infrastructure Alliance initiative brings several benefits that are important to us, such as greater investor influence and cost efficiency. Ultimately, this will contribute to the financial security of current and future Swedish pensioners, and in driving the development of a more sustainable European society”, says Andreas Jensen, Senior Portfolio Manager at AP4.

The long-term vehicle, Infrastructure Alliance Europe, has raised commitments of €1 billion to be invested across different sectors in Western Europe and will have a strong focus on sustainability.

AP4 has an ambition to significantly increase its investments in real assets. Infrastructure Alliance Europe is a long-term and sustainable way of achieving this by accessing European core infrastructure in a cost-efficient and scalable way.

“The Alliance is a partnership of a group of like-minded institutional investors that share a common view of what types of investments they would like to see in their portfolios. With this new structure we together with our partners create a critical mass. This provides an opportunity to pursue investment opportunities that would otherwise have been difficult for us to access on our own, and which also give us the ability to focus on assets that fit with our common views, e.g. regarding sustainability profile, governance, and financial returns”, says Andreas Jensen.

The Allliance will invest in European mid-market core infrastructure across several different sectors. Long-term sustainability is a very important factor when prioritizing among available opportunities and AP4 believes that through the investments AP4 will contribute to the transition to a greener Europe, e.g. by investing in renewable energy.

Source: AP4
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