Changed board of directors in KPA Tjänstepensionsförsäkring AB

6 December 2023

In connection with the recently completed merger between KPA Tjänstepension AB and KPA Tjänstepensionsförsäkring AB, the board of directors in the company is changing. The board took office after the general meeting on Tuesday 5 December and held its first meeting on the same day.

The members of KPA Tjänstepensionsförsäkring AB are:

Anders Henriksson (re-election)
Anna-Britta Åkerlind (new election)
Annika Wallenskog (re-election)
Karin af Klercker (re-election)
Katrin Röcklinger (re-election)
Lena Dahl (re-election)
Peter Danielsson (new election)
Malin Olsson-Lejon (new election)
Maria Liljedahl (new election)
Johan Engelsog (policyholder representative appointed by Kommunal)
Lars Fresker (policyholder representative appointed by OFR)
Thomas Månsson (employee representative)
Anette Nordlöf (deputy for the employee representative)

Anders Henriksson, former chairman of the board of KPA Tjänstepension, becomes chairman of KPA Tjänstepensionsförsäkring AB.

The merger means that KPA gathers the occupational pension operations within KPA Pension in one and the same company, KPA Tjänstepensionsförsäkring AB, which simplifies operations and further strengthens the offer to customers.

Source: KPA Tjänstepensionsförsäkring AB
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