Continuation of the path of responsible investments at the Free Pension Fund

4 April 2022

Responsible investments have been the focus of the Frjálsi Pension Fund’s operations in recent years. The fund’s board first formulated a policy related to the issue in 2018, and since then many ambitious steps have been taken.

Information on responsible investments has been updated on Frjálsi’s website , which reviews the main objectives behind the ideology and procedures for responsible investments at Frjálsi. An overview of the carbon footprint of domestic listed shares and green investments in Frjálsi’s portfolio is also published for the first time.

Frjálsi lífeyrissjóðurinn strongly encourages fund members to familiarize themselves with the issues of responsible investment, but investors increasingly look to environmental, social and governance factors when analyzing and evaluating investment options.

Source: Free Pension Fund
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