First quarter 2021: KPA Pension increases its assets under management

7 May 2021

The stock exchanges have continued to recover and KPA Pension further strengthened its financial position through both increased assets under management and an increased solvency ratio.

– We start the year strong and increase our customers’ pension capital through investments that are characterized by both good returns and care for people and the environment in line with our vision that our customers should feel safe in a sustainable world, says Camilla Larsson, CEO of KPA Pension.

Events during the first quarter

– KPA Pension adopts new climate targets by 2025 for the asset portfolios
– Camilla Larsson takes over as the new CEO of KPA Pension
– KPA Pension is ranked by SBI as the most sustainable pension company – for the tenth year in a row
– KPA Livförsäkring AB is transformed into an occupational pension company and changes its name to KPA Tjänstepension AB
– KPA Pension puts climate pressure on HSBC – one of the world’s largest banks
– KPA Pension introduces a maximum fee within premium-determined insurance
– KPA Pension participates in Heimstaden Bostad’s new share issue

Stable premium volume in KPA Pension

Premium income for KPA Pensionsförsäkring AB amounted to SEK 11.0 billion, on a par with the first quarter of the previous year.

Assets under management and solvency ratio increase

Assets under management and the solvency ratio strengthened during the year. Assets under management in KPA Pensionsförsäkring AB amounted to SEK 223 billion at the end of the year and increased during the first quarter to SEK 244 billion. Total return on capital was 4.6 percent. For the first quarter of the previous year, assets under management amounted to SEK 201 billion. The solvency ratio strengthened further during the first quarter and amounted to 188 percent, compared with 155 percent after the first quarter last year.

Sustainability is reported quarterly for KPA Pension

KPA Pension reports its own sustainability data quarterly since the second quarter of 2020. It covers the carbon footprint of its own operations, carbon dioxide emissions from the equity portfolios and energy consumption in Folksamgruppen’s properties and is part of our work in the Net Alliance.

Both carbon dioxide emissions in the company’s own operations and the carbon dioxide footprint in the equity portfolio continue to decrease.

Source: KPA
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