Folksam is involved in forming a new investor forum against corruption

24 September 2021

Folksam is one of six Swedish investors who, together with Transparency International, are today launching the Investors Integrity Forum (IIF). The purpose is to jointly pursue important issues linked to corruption risks, gather and disseminate knowledge and promote transparency, integrity and accountability.

Corruption and lack of compliance complicate all development and are a challenge for many companies, as it jeopardizes the companies’ ability to create value and profitability. It affects investors through poorer financial returns on investments in companies.

– Restraining corruption is one of the most important sustainability issues because no other sustainability goals are possible to achieve if we do not work for transparency and openness at the same time. For Folksam, it is important to actively influence our holdings to systematically prevent all forms of corruption and by cooperating with other investors, we together become a strong voice, says Emilie Westholm, Head of Responsible Ownership at Folksam.

Other investors who are members of IIF are Första AP-fonden, SEB Investment Management, Skandia, the Church of Sweden and Swedfund.

Source: Folksam
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