Industriens Pension and Nordea Asset Management invest large sums in Nordic growth companies

13 March 2024

Industriens Pension has just entered into an agreement with Nordea Asset Management on investments in Nordic growth companies through a new credit fund that will contribute capital for a significant amount of billions.

A new source of financing is on the way for a significant number of medium-sized Nordic companies that need capital to exploit the companies’ growth potential.

It is the consequence of an agreement between Nordea Asset Management and Industriens Pension on investments in a newly established loan fund, ‘Nordea Nordic Senior Loans Fund’, which provides loans to companies primarily owned by capital funds from the Nordic countries.

It is Nordea Asset Management that is establishing the new credit fund under a partnership with Nordea Bank. Nordea itself has all loans to companies in which the loan fund invests on the bank’s balance sheet.

Fund of DKK 3.5 billion. DKK

Industriens Pension is the so-called first investor in the new fund, and the pension company invests a larger three-digit million sum in the fund. At the same time, several other investors are expected, so the fund is expected to provide credit for approx. 3.5 billion DKK initially. A number that is planned to grow even larger in later investment rounds.

“We are very happy with the investment, which we expect will provide a solid and attractive return at a relatively low risk. At the same time, we like the fund’s profile with a focus on steadily growing Nordic companies that need capital to develop further. With this, the investment also contributes positively to business life in Denmark and our neighboring countries,” says Lene Boserup, senior portfolio manager at Industriens Pension.

Source: Industriens Pension
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