Industriens Pension rounds milestone of DKK 200 billion kr.

8 April 2021

Pension assets in Denmark have grown significantly over a number of years, and employees in the industry have really joined the bandwagon. In Industriens Pension, where hourly-paid industrial employees save up, investment assets have just rounded a milestone of DKK 200 billion. kr.

The Danes have a world record in pension savings, and skilled and unskilled industrial employees have now seriously joined the bandwagon. Hourly-paid industrial employees’ pension scheme has now reached a milestone with investment assets of DKK 204 billion. DKK after the first quarter, new figures from Industriens Pension show.

In comparison, the members’ total investment assets in Industriens Pension 10 years ago were around DKK 90 billion. The marked increase is partly an expression of many years of solid returns, and partly that the labor market pensions for skilled and unskilled employees are still being built up gradually.

“The figures are an expression of the fact that the system of labor market pensions is really making an impact for both skilled and unskilled employees. This means that employees in the industry will in the long run be able to maintain their previous standard of living when working life ends. This is really a positive development both for the individual employee and for society as a whole, ”says Laila Mortensen, CEO of Industriens Pension.

Source: Industriens Pension
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