Jackpot for Folksamgruppen when the Sustainable Brand Index lists sustainable brands

11 March 2021

In the study Sustainable Brand Index, Folksam is ranked as the most sustainable brand in the category insurance and KPA pension, which is part of the Folksam Group, wins the category pension companies.

The Sustainable Brand Index is Europe’s largest independent brand study focusing on sustainability. Once again, Folksam ranks first and is thus chosen by Sweden’s consumers as the best in terms of sustainability in the insurance industry. KPA Pension wins the pension company category for the tenth year in a row.

– Our customers must be able to feel safe in a sustainable world. This is our vision and it permeates everything we do, from damage prevention measures to humans and the environment to transparent reporting of our own climate impact. Everyone should have the opportunity to insure themselves and feel safe, both on the football field and at home, both today and in the future. It is very gratifying that customers perceive our high sustainability ambitions, says Elisabeth Sasse, head of Folksam Sak’s business.

Folksam focuses its sustainability work on six of the set global goals for sustainable development, but works with all seventeen goals.

– We offer, for example, insurances marked with Good Environmental Choice, give discounts to customers who make sustainable choices, sponsor equal sports and drive the development towards a more circular and sustainable claims settlement, Elisabeth Sasse continues.

KPA Pension industry best in pension, for the tenth year in a row

KPA Pension, which is part of the Folksam Group, is once again in first place in the pension category – for the tenth year in a row. Sustainability is one of KPA Pension’s cornerstones and the company was early to work for a future with good pensions and a more sustainable and equal society. KPA Pension manages SEK 238 billion and the goal is for the investment portfolio to have net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

– By investing customers’ money in a responsible way and as owners influencing the companies we invest in, we can, together with other responsible players in the industry, contribute to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. KPA and Folksam have set the goal that the investment portfolio will have net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, says Michael Kjeller, Head of Asset Management and Sustainability Folksam Group.

The study has been conducted annually since 2011. It aims to shed light on sustainability and spread and increase knowledge in the area. The total study includes 23,400 respondents, 390 brands and 34 industries. Insurance lands in 8th place and pensions in 13th place out of a total of 34 industries.

Source: Folksam
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