Jenny Gustafsson recruited as Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics

15 March 2023

Jenny Gustafsson has been appointed as the new Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics. Jenny joins the Council from AMF and will lead the work of further strengthening the Council and contributing both to value creation in the income pension system and to more sustainable societies. The recruitment is part of the development of the Council.

AP Funds AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 have recruited Jenny Gustafsson to the role of Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics. Jenny will be responsible for the continuing the development of the Council’s activities. This involves working towards the new long-term goals for operations, building an organisation and ensuring that the AP Funds continue to operate as exemplary managers and responsible owners in the field of sustainability, with a strong foundation of trust and a solid reputation.

Jenny has for many years held leading positions in sustainable investments in the asset management organisations at AMF and Handelsbanken. She has engaged in advocacy work in areas such as climate change and human rights with Swedish and international companies. She has also played a part in the growing coordination and development of sustainability issues in the financial sector. Jenny will take up the position in June.

Magdalena Håkansson, Chair of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics, says:

“We are delighted with the recruitment of Jenny Gustafsson and her combined skills and experience in leadership and sustainable investments. The Head of the Council has a particularly key role in strengthening the AP Funds’ work as responsible owners. It has been important to find a person who both has a great understanding of the complex advocacy work that we have ahead of us, and can lead and develop the new Council.”

Jenny Gustafsson, incoming Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics:

“I have long followed the work of the AP Funds and the Council on Ethics with great interest. I can say that the Council has a good reputation, not least internationally, thanks to a solid, long-term approach. I am both pleased and honoured to be given the opportunity to build on and develop the activities of the Council, going forward. Personally, my driving force is to develop sustainability strategies and to influence companies to change, while contributing to long-term value creation in both companies and society.”

Source: AP2
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